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The LTCM system was developed with builders to create a streamlined construction process that provides clear on-site advantages: reducing on-site labour, decreasing time spent on site and reducing overall project costs.

Our system delivers on practicality. The prefabricated light-weight steel framing is produced off-site, freeing up time and space on-site, and delivered to a ‘just-in-time’ to suit your construction program. The vertically integrated LTCM product range includes walls, ceilings, decks and slabs, pre-cast columns, lift shafts, cores, ceiling linings, pre-cast thin shell façade panels, bathroom pods and roof structures that work together to create a complete superstructure.


Each product has a specific benefit to the builder: segmented lift shafts and cores offer the precision of pre-cast with increased on-site manoeuvrability; while the bathroom pods provide high-end, custom bathrooms without the need for finishing trades. Where appropriate, our products have been designed to work with smaller, mobile cranes, enabling easier access to tight or difficult sites.

Our system delivers on speed. The ‘load transfer’ process delivers a rapid ‘floor-to-floor’ cycle, enabling builders to open multiple floors or workfaces to finishing trades, while saving on time. The rapid ‘floor-to-floor’ cycle is achieved during the initial phase of the LTCM process – the light-weight steel framing bears the structural load of the building and negates the need for concrete to reach its full structural strength before the installation of the next level of framing. This results in a very short turn around, with framing able to commence the day after the concrete slab is poured.


To enable builders to fully take advantage of the time-savings on site, the installation manual includes an example of a project program and procurement timing schedule for the various components. This provides you with the opportunity to efficiently schedule other trades and reduce delays.

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