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The LTCM system has been specifically created to support architects in their integral roles as designers and project co-ordinators throughout the construction process.

LTCM lets you to design with existing 3D modelling software (such as Revit and ArchiCad) to create buildings that are easily translated into the Vertex software used by our Howick roll-formers. To assist the design process, our handbook provides a quick and easy reference for product information on the components in our vertically integrated system, which includes walls, decks, pre-cast columns, lift shafts, cores, pre-cast thin shell façade panels, and bathroom pods. Our highly-skilled design managers are also available to answer questions and support you through the initial design process.

Our system enables architects to remain in control of the design specification and documentation. It allows you to specify a complete superstructure system in the knowledge that other parties cannot substitute materials or processes for inferior or non-compliant ones. Furthermore, our process provides control of the design documentation by requiring on-going documentation from the builder/installer at key hold-points during construction.


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