LTCM offers a range of interconnected products that work together to create the LTCM system, the only complete superstructure building system on the Australian market. As part of the LTCM superstructure, we can deliver walls, ceilings, decks, lift shafts, and roof structures. We have also developed a system of prefabricated LTCM bathroom pods, which are designed to be built into the building during the construction process.


As part of the LTCM system, LTCM offers the option of using locally manufactured bathroom pods in your building. By utilising LTCM's patented 'load transfer' system, the pods are cast into the floor slab during the construction of each level, and are exactly as they would be if built in-situ. The end result is a higher quality finish and additon time savings in the construction program.


What other products would we like to include? Walls etc.? 

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