Our focus at LTCM Australia is on developing better building systems that save time, money, and make it easier to document the building process. At LTCM Australia, we aim to build clever. 


Our LTCM (Load Transfer Construction Method) system is the result of years of extensive international research, testing, and design development. The LTCM system is an innovative building methodology that utilises existing construction technology and components within a patented construction system that improves the speed, accuracy, quality, and compliance of the building process. In developing LTCM, we have carefully reconsidered the role that each individual component and process plays within the construction of a concrete-frame building, and worked to maximise their efficiency. We have deliberately sought to employ existing construction technology and components, in order to reduce the overall cost of the system and to ensure that your builder can continue to use their own, well-established supply chain for the components in the local construction industry. 


The key methodological concept behind LTCM is our patented ‘Load Transfer Construction Method’. This refers to the way in which the load of the building is transferred during the construction process from the prefabricated light-weight steel framing to the concrete columns embedded in this framework. By transferring the load to the concrete elements without removing the supporting elements of the steel framing, the steel framing becomes non-load bearing in the final structure.

In this capacity, the steel framing can take on its secondary function as the internal wall structures, and be finished and lined to the developer’s specification. Similarly, the non-load-bearing steel framing on the exterior of the building can be fitted with any conventional facade treatment. As a result of simultaneously streamlining the process and maximising the efficiency of the embedded concrete columns and the steel framing, the LTCM system can save time and increase productivity on site. 

Furthermore, we have worked to vertically integrate our system by developing a series of interconnected products that can deliver walls, ceilings, decks, lift shafts, and roof structures. We also have a system of prefabricated bathroom pods that can be incorporated into the building during the construction of LTCM superstructure. This integrated product range means that the LTCM system is the only complete superstructure building system on the Australian market.


At LTCM, we have recognised the increasing importance placed on the documentation of the building process. To address this issue, the LTCM system assembly procedure involves a documentation process that commits the builder to following the correct procedure, includes ITPs, and forms a warranty documentation on completion. This assembly and certification documentation is unique within the Australian market.


The LTCM (Load Transfer Construction Method) system includes three 8 year Innovation Patents with a 20 year Australian Patent accepted in February 2019 and scheduled to be registered in June 2019. As part of the patent application process, the LTCM system has been examined worldwide, and has received international acclaim. 

The patented LTCM system benefits developers and builders using our system. The reduced time onsite (and associated cost savings) provides developers and builders with a competitive edge on tendered projects.


The patent also enables developers and architects to specify LTCM as a means of maintaining control over the superstructure of the building, knowing that it cannot be substituted for inferior or non-compliant materials during the building process. This not only means that LTCM can assist in delivering a building that reflects the original design intent, it can also reduce the risk of delivering a non-compliant project.


We understand that every project is different. As such, we offer a non obligation initial consultation with our highly skilled design managers, and provide objective feedback on its suitability to use LTCM.


Our LTCM team can meet with developers, architects, and builders to present on the patented LTCM system, and to discuss projected time-savings, programs, and cost benefits.


Our dedicated design team can also work alongside architects to develop the work flow for their design platform, which we can use to collaboratively co-ordinate the various disciplines involved in the project. Our team can also assist architects throughout the design process, and ensure a smooth transition from their preferred architectural software (such as ArchiCad and Revit) to the specialised design software our manufacturers use to fabricate the light-weight steel framing. 

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